Who is Steven W. Booth?

Like many professional writers, I’ve had a broad and varied career doing... well, just about everything.
Okay, that’s not exactly true. I was never an astronaut, or a lawyer (thank God), or an international spy (that I will admit to).
But I have been a teacher, event planner, web designer, taxi driver, business coach, pizza chef, grocery store checker, facilities manager, alarm and CCTV installer, parking attendant, technical support technician (way too often), book designer, database manager, fundraiser, archery instructor, nonprofit professional, author, jewelry maker, online marketer, and publisher.
As of now, late in the year 2015, I have seven published novels and three published short stories to my credit. If that doesn’t sound like much to you, it doesn’t sound like much to me either. That's why I am currently working on three nonfiction projects (more on those elsewhere around the site—it’s a treasure hunt!), two novels, and a slew of short stories.
Most of my published works have been in the horror genre, and nearly all of them with zombies somewhere in the story. I also like to write science fiction, action adventure, and cross-genre mystery and private detective stories. Those are the kinds of books I like to read, and I hope the ones I write will be the kind you like to read as well.
I get this question often, so here are the authors who have influenced me (in order of importance):
  • David Gerrold, author of books like When Harlie Was One, Chess With a Dragon, Yesterday's Children, The Flying Sorcerers, the War Against the Chtorr series, and the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, The Trouble with Tribbles
  • Steven Brust, author of To Reign in Hell, The Phoenix Guards, Brokedown Palace, the Vlad Taltos/Jhereg books, and The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars
  • Steven Saylor, author of the Gordianus the Finder/Roma Sub Rosa series of historical mysteries set in ancient Rome
  • Gregory McDonald, author of Fletch, Flynn, Who Took Toby Rinaldi, Safekeeping, Love Among the Mashed Potatoes, and lots of other great books. If there is one author I would want to emulate, it’s Greg McDonald.
  • Isaac Asimov, ‘nuff said
  • Leo Tolstoy, author of War and Peace and my pick for the best general adult novel in history, Anna Karenina
  • Patrick O’Brian, author of the Aubrey-Maturin seafaring novels
  • Neil Gaiman, author of Stardust, Anansi Boys, American Gods, Good Omens, the Sandman series, and a zillion other wonderful books
  • Spider Robinson, author of Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon and other good stuff
  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky, mainly because, after reading Crime and Punishment in high school, I hated it so much I wanted to write something better to show him how it was done, which gave my moderate interest in writing a significant push
  • Robert Asprin, author of Phule’s Company and the Myth, Inc. series
  • Thomas Harris
  • Mark Twain
  • Victor Hugo
  • Alexandre Dumas
  • C. S. Lewis
  • Josephine Tey
  • C. S. Friedman
  • Aldous Huxley
  • Susan Cooper
  • J. R. R. Tolkien, for his stories Smith of Wooton Major and Farmer Giles of Ham
  • Roger Zelazny
  • George Orwell
As for movies that have influenced me, let's just say Star Wars for the moment, and we can expand another time.
I've been married to my favorite person in the whole world, Leya, since 2000, and we have a revolving collection of cats.