Privacy Policy

Because we collect information like your name and email address, and sometimes communicate with you via email, you should know our privacy policy.

I will never sell your personal information to anyone, ever.
I will use your personal information for general notification (for example, via a newsleter) or private communication (via email exclusively to you) that may or may not include commercial offers. These offers will ONLY pertain to me, my books, or periodically other books from my publishing company, Genius Book Publishing. I will never advertise at you directly using your personal email.
If you email me at, I reserve the right to add you to the newsletter list. You may opt out by stating so in the first email you send me.
You may unsubscribe from the general mailing list at any time. If you have emailed me personally and you wish to not receive further emails from me privately and directly, just email me and say so. No other action is necessary.
By emailing me or joining my email list, you are not obligating yourself for anything, nor shall I be obligated for anything other than respecting your privacy as stated in this policy.
I do not accept unsolicited commercial offers to my email address. Emailing you privately and directly does not indicate that I am signing up for your commercial offers.
This privacy policy is subject to change without notice, but I shall not make any modifications that will violate or otherwise abuse your privacy.